Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten Good Things Tuesdays

This is EXACTLY what I need today! My brain keeps doing negative thoughts concerning money and whatnot, so let's see what's been good in my life :)

1. I had an amazing time at the St Pattys Day Festival! Even being DD, it was still a blast, filled with laughs, surprises, and good friends :)

2. I get to do Zumba tonight!!! It's been like two weeks since I last did cardio, basically because of the hole in my arm. But I've got a waterproof bandage of the hole and if I sweat that off, I'll have another one ready :)

3. We're talking t-shirts at the volunteer meeting. I. Heart. Tshirts!!!

4. Should be less than two weeks til my man gets back! Haha who really knows, but it SHOULD be!

5. Speaking of the hole in my arm... it's healing! And YAY I'm finally off those nasty antibiotics! And YAY it wasn't MRSA!

6. The cats are being quiet. I will totally take advantage of this moment ♥

7. I've been staying busy! I think today is my first "down" day, and I still had to get my dressing changed and I have Zumba and the volunteer meeting tonight!

8. I'm really reconnecting with God. I love our nightly chats before I fall asleep, where I know I can laugh, cry, scream, etc. about anything in my life. Always a good friend to talk to!

9. My sister messaged me saying, pending a promotion, she wants to vacation down here in NC in June! I might actually have family visiting me!!! With two adorable nephews in tow, yay!!!

10. It's getting warmer out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cue happy dance!!)

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