Monday, March 28, 2011

Marine Corps Monday 3

What do I love about the Marine Corps? Well it's hard to say something bad since I just got my hubby back last night!!!! So I think I'll focus on him.

I love that the Marine Corps has given my husband such pride that he'd get his tag info tatted on him. And he was a TROOPER for first time tat on the ribs! And it's also inspired me to get my next tattoo soon, probably right after they leave :)

I did the photo social number opt-out with Paint. And I hate that those lines are straight but the picture is crooked and leads you to think the guy really didn't have any lines at all. Haha but he had the outline he stuck to it to go off of!

Anywho, clearly I love my hubby! Glad he's all mine for a month or so :-D

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