Friday, March 11, 2011

Fed-Up Friday Number 1!

Right now, I'm fed-up with dramatic people. OK I'm ALWAYS fed-up with dramatic people. It's a pet peeve when you need something wrong with you for life to go on. When you NEED something to complain about, someone to piss off or get pissed at, etc. Chill! There are soooo many important things in life that you're missing by doing this! And great relationships you'l never have, and AMAZING people you'll never meet because you can't not start drama with said people!

Ok and maybe I'll add a glad part to this, I feel too negative :-p

I'm SO glad that I've got an amazing group of ladies in my life who feed off love, not drama :)


Molly said...

this is why I erased a ton of my facebook "friends" the other day.
I must say that it is uch nicr to have a happy feed instead of a drama filled one, lol

Jackelyn said...

Save the drama for your Momma. Thats what I say.