Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten Good Things Tuesdays Take Two

Ahhhhh, I think my first of ten good things is:

1. ALLITERATION! Seriously, how amazing does my blog title seem? And yes, this does make me happy :)

2. I'm down to getting my dressing changed every other day and the wound is looking SO great!

3. Less than a week and my man is hoooooome :-D This is a major major major big thing.

4. I just got my two Christmas Scentsy warmers that I got for like 6 bucks off each in the mail. So I didn't have them last Christmas, but I got them for this year for cheaper :-D

5. I made Matt a hardcover photo book for FREE (either raining hot coupons or the krazy koupon lady on fb). It's with all the pics Heartlove Photography  took for us last November :) It's HORRIBLY corny, saying things like, "We have no choice in the matter... we're perfect together" and "love me some snuggles!" and "can i look into those eyes just a few seconds more?" The last one is the worst, but it's also because of the deployment! I want to gaze into those eyes forever! Ok wait. The worst is actually "Let's go star gazing" I was drinking wine and that seemed to fit the pic, go figure :-p

6. My A/C is on. YESSSSS see ya later, winter!!!!

7. I got to stroke a one year olds hair and she fell asleep today. Gosh, I can't wait til I can do that with my own kids!!

8. Turns out base maintenance has fire ant killer! Haha we went all summer dealing with millions of them and not even knowing! I'm happy that's getting taken care of AND they're going to hydro-seed my lawn!

9. Can I put "awesome friends" in every Tuesday?? It never amazed me the quality of friends that I have made. Haha it also makes me realize more those that definitely choose not to interact with me. But those that do? Oh they're a LOVELY bunch and I love them all SO much!

10. I was able to safely dispose of almost 10 bottles of unused meds (from all the freaking times they changed it on me to help me sleep) at the pharmacy this weekend! I love that they do "drug take-back" days!

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