Saturday, April 9, 2011

MilSpouse Fill-in (a day late :-p)

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

1. Tell us about your dream that you would do regardless of pay.
Working with animals. Potentially saving baby seals and such too. But something with animals for sure.

2. What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don't count)?
Probably my laptop.

3. What has been you favorite duty station and why?
I luuuuuurve Lejeune! Everything about it :) But I also did like Quantico! I just didn't spend much time there. So I guess camp Lejeune it is!

4. What is your least favorite chore?
Laundry. I always hurt my back folding clothes. Go figure.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be?
Stop being so dramatic. Because if you don't, you carry it into "real life" and then people have to deal with your drama even though you're 30 and should know better :-p

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fed-up Five!

Ok, so basically I'm fed-up with the government not being able to make up their minds. And what makes it worse? The fact that I'm hearing about it only literally 75% of people's statuses. I'm sick of the problem and the complaining! And yes, I'm freaking out too and in doing this blogpost am talking about it too :-p Ahhhh, the irony...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

1. It's rainy and windy. And I LURVE it. Perfect lazy sleepy day feel!

2. I MADE A PROFIT!!!!! At the craft fair that is :) And I just sold more today and have an order to do by the beginning of May!!!

3. My husband is probably the most understanding, gentle, loving person in my life. I love him and all the modd swings he's putting up with, since strangely IM the one adjusting more to him being back form Mohave than he is!
And I love these pictures :-p

4. I ♥ Caroline Faye. That girl sees what I see, is a great cuddler, loves good times, and I can talk to about anything. She basically rocks my world :)

5. I've removed myself from almost all the drama that has happened in the last couple weeks! There are still nuisances, but yay for being a grown-up :)

6. It's warming up again! Last week was brutal, but now the warm days are back and Emmers is a happy camper!!!

7. Matt has been working out in the guest room and putting some of his blankets and whatnot in there. And it doesn't smell bad, it just smells like him ♥ Haha maybe I'll be sleeping in the guest room at first once he deploys!

8. Nevada in less than a week!

9. This is probably the best good thing that's happened to me in the last week: Doritos is making Taco flavored ones again. OMG. HEAVEN. And no I don't mean the nasty "midnight taco" ones. I mean old school Taco flavor! AWESOME!

10. Peachy is snuggled up on me and keeps snuggling even closer! She's so freaking cute ♥

Monday, April 4, 2011

Marine Corps Monday 4

This is sort of a repeat. But not fully.

I love the sense of community in the Marine Corps (you know - minus the two-faced people, but I guess even they have their place here in life!). It was so nice that even though the guys had the day off, Matt and I still went into the office Friday for a then Gunny/now Master Sergeant's promotion ceremony. And I wasn't the only wife either! AND we got to be there for another promotion too!

And I love being able to do that. Being able to stand with someone's wife, while another is taking pictures for them, and be involved in the pride of a promotion.

Or knowing that if someone needs something, there are always people around that can help.

And truthfully? Even knowing full well that some wives in the company don't like me at all, I'm really happy knowing that there will always be someone for someone to help and support. It might not be me, and that's perfectly fine! Haha that sounds selfish, but I do mean that there are many niches, many different communities. And in the end we all love and support our husbands and share that pride in what they do. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fed-Up Friday Four

Two-faced-ness. Oh. Em. Gee. I really can't say any more than this. It just sucks. And I'm fed-up with it!!!!!