Monday, April 4, 2011

Marine Corps Monday 4

This is sort of a repeat. But not fully.

I love the sense of community in the Marine Corps (you know - minus the two-faced people, but I guess even they have their place here in life!). It was so nice that even though the guys had the day off, Matt and I still went into the office Friday for a then Gunny/now Master Sergeant's promotion ceremony. And I wasn't the only wife either! AND we got to be there for another promotion too!

And I love being able to do that. Being able to stand with someone's wife, while another is taking pictures for them, and be involved in the pride of a promotion.

Or knowing that if someone needs something, there are always people around that can help.

And truthfully? Even knowing full well that some wives in the company don't like me at all, I'm really happy knowing that there will always be someone for someone to help and support. It might not be me, and that's perfectly fine! Haha that sounds selfish, but I do mean that there are many niches, many different communities. And in the end we all love and support our husbands and share that pride in what they do. :)


Molly said...

I really hope when we get to the fleet we have nice people in our command. This place burned me out and has made me not want to even think about opening up to a new group of women.
I am glad to know there are still good people out there though. Ignore the two-facer's Emily. They are probably just jealous of your awesomeness (is that a word? lol)!

Emmers said...

Hahahaha, awesomeness (and any cool word adding ness to the end) is totally in my vocabulary! And yes, 'm working on ignoring. Hard when I see this person (have to) a decent amount! I'll figure it out though :)

And I hope you get down here soon!!!