Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

1. It's rainy and windy. And I LURVE it. Perfect lazy sleepy day feel!

2. I MADE A PROFIT!!!!! At the craft fair that is :) And I just sold more today and have an order to do by the beginning of May!!!

3. My husband is probably the most understanding, gentle, loving person in my life. I love him and all the modd swings he's putting up with, since strangely IM the one adjusting more to him being back form Mohave than he is!
And I love these pictures :-p

4. I ♥ Caroline Faye. That girl sees what I see, is a great cuddler, loves good times, and I can talk to about anything. She basically rocks my world :)

5. I've removed myself from almost all the drama that has happened in the last couple weeks! There are still nuisances, but yay for being a grown-up :)

6. It's warming up again! Last week was brutal, but now the warm days are back and Emmers is a happy camper!!!

7. Matt has been working out in the guest room and putting some of his blankets and whatnot in there. And it doesn't smell bad, it just smells like him ♥ Haha maybe I'll be sleeping in the guest room at first once he deploys!

8. Nevada in less than a week!

9. This is probably the best good thing that's happened to me in the last week: Doritos is making Taco flavored ones again. OMG. HEAVEN. And no I don't mean the nasty "midnight taco" ones. I mean old school Taco flavor! AWESOME!

10. Peachy is snuggled up on me and keeps snuggling even closer! She's so freaking cute ♥


Anonymous said...

I was very excited about the Taco flavored Doritos making a comeback too!

Amanda said...

Jack is obsessed with the Taco doritos too! I can't stand the smell, but I can imagine they taste great!