Monday, April 26, 2010

I ♥ my MIL

And I feel SO lucky that I can say that and fully mean it! This woman is just amazing. Being a Marine wife herself, she has been so helpful is giving me advice whenever I need it. Here are two of my favorite quotes from her. The first is just from yesterday, when I was telling her my thoughts about whether we should try to live on-base or not and all that jazz. The other was part of her "welcome to the wive's club" type email right after Matt and I got married:

"The bottom line is you will learn as  you go.  Even with growing up in the military and being IN the military, I had a lot to learn about being the wife.  I had a leg up on the jargon, the places we went and the moving thing, but it was still a new world for me.  You are coming in blind, and that too will work itself out in time.  I am always here to talk with.  Stay away from whiners, they are trouble.  Never make Matt choose between you and his job.  He will be home when he can, you know that.  It's not fair to make them feel bad when they have to be away i.e. hurricane 1996 Camp Lejeune I'm at home with a new born and a five year old taping up windows and watching the branches blow off our trees with no power, he had to be at work tying down all the gear and evacuating the beach.  The ones who whine and make their husbands choose, lose their husband or he picks them over the Corps and then resents her the rest of their life, if they manage to stay married. Ok, off the soap box."

"You DO NOT have to join any wives club if you don't want too.  I only joined when we lived on base or Tom was in command.  When Matt gets his first platoon you will want to introduce yourself to the Captains wife.  Since you will be living out of the area don't worry about it when he heads to Lejeune the first time.  Wives clubs are coming back in style.  You will figure it out.  Make sure you are part of "the wife line".  This is where all the really important info comes from.  These are the people who will take you to the doctor, cry with you, laugh with you, bitch about your husbands too.  VERY VERY IMPORTANT.  You want to know that when you are screaming for help 100 people come running.  Girlfriends and direct deposit will keep you sane!!!!I can't stress the importance of girlfriends in the same boat.  It doesn't matter if you are a privates wife or the commandants wife, you will need friends.  So be a good friend and you will have good friends. HOWEVER, DON'T LET ANYONE BULLY OR PUSH YOU AROUND.  IF SOME BITCH ASKS YOU YOUR HUSBANDS DATE OF RANK, WALK AWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK.  WIVES HAVE NO RANK!!!!!!! IF SOMEONE TRIES TO BULLY YOU I WILL KICK THEIR ASS!!!!"

She seriously is amazing. Haha a bit blunt, but I love her advice! And it's so nice knowing I can always call her if I need to. :) I can't wait to see her and the rest of Matt's family in Vegas over Memorial Day weekend! Only one month and two days to go!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let the frugality begin...

You know, I wonder if that's even a word! Anywho, after spending Thursday to Monday down in NC moving Matt in, we both decided that we want me down there ASAP. At first, we had decided for a potential late September move for me, since I budgeted one credit card that we can pay off by then. But now, we want to do it sooner if possible! So both of us are saving up like crazy, trying not to buy anything we don't absolutely need, eating PB sandwiches, etc. to see when that can happen.

And of course today I have cravings for snacks and don't have any at work so I had to go spend another 5 bucks that could have gone to loans for food. Oh well, at least I'm headed to the grocery store tonight to stock up on cheap snacks and whatnot! It's going to be tough doing this, especially since I always find so many amazing things to buy and do during the spring and summer, but it will TOTALLY be worth it. I can't wait until I'm with my love!!!

Any words of advice on ways to save more would be great :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling Phunky

Yes, I spelt it like Black Eyed Peas would. But the word "funky" always just reminds me of bad smells. Like that smell certain people get when they haven't showered enough and it's not even just BO. It's FUNKness.
Maybe it's PMS.
Maybe it's just a random mood swing type of week.
But I do feel strange. More anxious. More uncertain. And then I switch to positive gleeness. Go figure.

I guess the biggest thing on my mind is Matt heading to Lejeune. And me staying here. At least for a little bit. Ugh, I don't know.  I absolutely cannot decide if I should move down with Matt before his deployment. At first, we thought it would only be like 9 months after he graduated IOC, then deployed, then I'd move down. That way I'd have the job and the support system, since I didnt trust that I'd be able to build a strong enough one with what little time.

Now it seems like he probably wont get deployed for 14 months or so. AKA I would have time to get a job and build the support system I'll need.
BUT. If I go down and get a job, yea we will be paying a lot less rent then what we're doing now, but we'll also have to get a 2nd car. And who knows HOW long it would take to get a job. And tha'll put major stress financially since I'm in so much freaking debt because of student loans and my own stupid credit card spending in college.

GAH. It's so in the middle. And I dont know what to do. And I know that we have the next couple of months to really think hard about it since Matt's going to CA for LAR school anyway, but still, it's eating me up! Go, live with my husband and be happy in love, but possible start having wonderful financial fights and really not being able to afford to do as much as we can now, or stay, have the job and support system and whatnot, but be 6 hours driving away from the hubby. And he'll have the car, so it'll only be when he can come up to visit unless we want to spend MORE money for me to do round-trip flights.

There's my vent. Grr, I hate thinking!!!