Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let the frugality begin...

You know, I wonder if that's even a word! Anywho, after spending Thursday to Monday down in NC moving Matt in, we both decided that we want me down there ASAP. At first, we had decided for a potential late September move for me, since I budgeted one credit card that we can pay off by then. But now, we want to do it sooner if possible! So both of us are saving up like crazy, trying not to buy anything we don't absolutely need, eating PB sandwiches, etc. to see when that can happen.

And of course today I have cravings for snacks and don't have any at work so I had to go spend another 5 bucks that could have gone to loans for food. Oh well, at least I'm headed to the grocery store tonight to stock up on cheap snacks and whatnot! It's going to be tough doing this, especially since I always find so many amazing things to buy and do during the spring and summer, but it will TOTALLY be worth it. I can't wait until I'm with my love!!!

Any words of advice on ways to save more would be great :)

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Caroline said...

Yay! I am following your blog now! I went through a similar budgeting problem earlier in the year and I have found that the best way to save money (at least for me) is to not use a check card or debit card. I budget out what I want to spend for the week, withdraw it in cash, and then only carry that around with me. When I start seeing money moving out of my wallet it is a lot scarier than swiping my check card. I often find myself spending a lot less than I allocated myself just because I used cash! Good luck with this. :-)