Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten Good Things Tuesdays 3

This past week has been great, so here's the list:

1. My hubby is with me for a month!!! Yay!!! So glad to have him home :-D

2. I'm almost done with crocheting craploads of things before the craft fair. Only a few more days and then I get to crochet for loved ones and myself again!!! Here's hoping I make lots of money :-p

3. My toes are hot pink. I love pedis ♥

4. My friend's husband is coming home today, and I am SO thrilled for her!!! She's been a MAJOR trooper during the deployment and she deserves this day of happiness!

5. Matt is going to help me make the first couple of care packages to send to himself once we get the address :)

6. My background check is going through! Hopefully I'll be able to start work soon! (but not while Matt has leave. that would suck.)

7. The rain washed away soooo much pollen. I can sort of breathe now :)

8. I made lasagne all by myself and it tastes SOOOO good!

9. I helped Matt make a "happy place" last night. It rocks :)

10. I'm still in love with my keurig ♥

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Molly said...

Congrats on the hubby being home!