Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A ratchit-fratchit day

Yep. It's one of those. One of those, "If you try to piss me off you will succeed, in fact you probably already have and don't even know why or how, " days. Seriously. There's nothing hugely wrong. But PMS plus third bad nights' sleep in a row from the birds and dreams plus withdrawal since I forgot to bring a patch to work plus blogspot wasn't working when I first wanted to vent on here plus my husband being sexually attracted to Miley Cyrus. Sigh, yea, one of those days.

Note to Matt for when you read this: don't mention Miley when I'm pissy. Always a bad choice! Unless it's in like The Last Song. I love innocent Miley. I do! Slutty Miley..... well she's slutty. 

And illegal. And it bothers me. But I love you Matty! Just don't love Miley AS much. :-p

Yes, I know I'm ridiculous. No worries there. but these hormones and the withdrawal and the random stress is just making it worse! Normally I wouldn't care about any of these things. Today it's like, "Oh! You expect me to take this one more thing on?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!"
I want to be able to run for miles and just go for a long run tonight while blasting the upbeat Lady Antebellum songs on my iPod, followed by lots of push-ups and crunches. Alas, I'll do the latter and add some lunges in there. Maybe I'll do my Tae Bo VHS? 

End rant. Actually it COULD continue, I'm sure I could find more stuff. But it's almost lunchtime. And I already know the disappointment there will be that, once again, they won't have chili. I've only been craving it for months now... thanks, Sodexho...


Andrea said...

Ewww slutty Miley! I hate when she's like that too!

Emmers said...

Haha ok so it's only slutty when she's like the horny peacock. Otherwise it's just... I dunno. Reminds me of any other teens tar (especially Britney) that went through the rebellious stage. Some good dance moves still. It just doesn't even SOUND like Miley, I actually love her voice! It's all a mix of... I dunno, Britney and Rhianna and Ki$sha or something weird.

Either way, now I feel bad for juding the hubby before watching it. Sigh, oh well, blame it on the hormones!

Caroline said...

When she pole danced on the Teen Choice Awards last year I almost had a heart attack. Also, I <3 you, and your day will get better as soon as you get home and get to relax. Sorry you're having such a bad day!