Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspirational message!

Worry and confidence

If you're able to worry, you're also able to be confident. Because from a functional standpoint, worry and confidence are pretty much the same thing.
Worry is the expectation that something negative will happen. Confidence is the expectation that something positive will happen.
How do you create confidence about something that hasn't happened yet? You use the exact same process you would use to create worry.
The big difference between worry and confidence is the expected outcome. And the powerful fact is, you can expect whatever outcome you choose.
There's another way that worry and confidence are quite similar. They both tend to be self-fulfilling prophesies.
So instead of destroying your effectiveness with worry, you can vastly enhance your effectiveness with confidence. It takes nothing more than a simple yet powerful change in your expectations.
-- Ralph Marston

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