Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the love of god...

If I have one more dream involving my ex, I'm going to scream. It has left me exhausted, and even more so since it was a dream within a dream!
Anyway, in the "real world" dream, Matt actually lived like 20 minutes from where Douchebag was. And it was horrible, and we hated it (I'm extremely happy the ex is in Singapore and NOT close by, like Matt's ex is to me.)
Anywho, so it was just kind of stressful. Then in the dream I dreamed that I was back together with Douchebag. And that he was treating me like crap once again. We had the weekend together, and he wanted to go to a movie by himself and then buy a new video game to PLAY by himself. Aka I was ignored and tossed to the side.

I at least woke up in the dream and got to talk to Matty about it all, so I'm doing OK this morning, but it's left me drained. I don't have the emotions anymore for Douchebag except for anger. There is still SOOOO much of that left, for what he did to me, how Matt still has to deal with the things that I've basically been "trained" to do in certain situations (like apologize when it's not my fault and there's not need for an apology anyway because it's not a big deal).

Grr. Arg. Well... at least Monday was a good day!

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Taryn said...

UGH! I'm so sorry, girl! :-/