Monday, December 3, 2012

Crocheted Creations - Turkey Placemats


Yes, I realize now that I should have written this one BEFORE the Christmas stockings post. 
Alas, truthfully, I made the stockings first, so we'll say that's why :)

Since I made the freaking awesome Fourth of July place mats, I now want a holiday themed setting for every holiday!!! I think I'll make Christmas ones for next year (I'm sick of red yarn at the moment and I want to do cute Santa's belly/belt ones. How cute would those be????) Anywhoooooooo....

I, once again, went onto Ravelry! There I found these adorable turkey placemats. (PS you might need an account to see the pattern. It's free, and I haven't gotten a single spammy email since signing up!!)

They were super easy and quick to make! At least the bodies were... 
The beaks were pretty quick, but oh em gee, those legs....

I also just realized the only picture I took (they're already up on a shalf packed away) was this one on Instagram. So enjoy the one simple picture I have of a cutey patootey turkey. :)


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