Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crocheted Creation - 4th of July Placemats

Pinterest  basically rocks my world. Just browsing, I happened upon a picture of amazing place settings! So iIfollowed the link to the FREE pattern here, ran out to Michael's and got the yarn! First off, you DEFINITELY need about twice as much blue yarn as red and white. Just an FYI. Also, the pattern is for two settings. I wanted four, so I had to double everything! The stars were tricky to understand the pattern at first, but then I made tons and would LOVE to use just the star pattern to make a mobile or something when I have a babers. Or maybe a cool abstract art thing on a canvas with blowdried crayons????? Ahhh, the ideas!  Anywho, here are some pictures! 

The first set of two I made!

An artsy close up :)

Oh falling stars, how I love you!

For the actual 4th of July, I ended up gettinng white napkins and a white tablecloth (harder than I thought to find for my small dinging room table) and put two settings on the table and two on our bar counter in the kitchen. They were a success! Woot!

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