Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok I need to get this dream down before I forget.

Basically Matt and I (and everyone, actually) was back in Greek times. But things were still modern. And for some reason Matt was in this cave by the ocean and got attacked by this really weird monster thing that stabbed him and killed him. (mind you when this part of the dream started it was just me watching a legit dvd movie, then it turned to reality).

I was miserable. Absolutely heartbroken. I would be ok until I'd get back from work and then I would just start sobbing. And the guys I was living with did not help the situation at all. I remember calling my MIL crying and sobbing and being like, "How are you dealing with this? I can't do it." And she was basically in the same boat. So we went to find out what exactly happened to Matt.

We talked to invertebrates (like snails and whatnot) to find the answer. And some ladies in a weird little shop. Turns out there was a way to turn back time. So we did, and I found Matt just in time to scream at him and warn him that he was walking into a trap. He broke free before the monsters could get him and came safe into my arms. At that point I was crying in relief and so happy!

The dream ended with me reading all of this in a book that had really cool stamps and colored text and whatnot.

SO glad it's over though... what a nightmare!

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