Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am so proud...

Of two things.

First, that my husband understands if I keep secrets from him. He's so easy about it, knowing I'll tell him what I need to and allowing us to both have things people can tell us that we won't tell the other.

Second, that people trust me. It is seriously SUCH an honor to know that people can come to me, tell them whatever they want, and know that it won't go anywhere. Whenever someone comes to me with something, first it's all about them, but also I really do feel proud that we can talk and they know there is trust there.
I've found that it can be hard to really trust someone. Especially with the "well they told me not to tell but I'll just tell you and you can't tell anyone." HELLO that's telling someone!!!

But yes, just the random thought that I'm so happy that people know it can stay with me. And that Matt doesn't even have to know and that I will help them through whatever as much as I can :)

I ♥ my life

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