Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 1 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

1. I love to cook. I'm still learning a lot, and I HATE cleanup, but I love making tasty things!

2. I have to work with impulses. It sometimes sucks and I spend too much, BUT it keeps me from being a packrat since I'll impulsively get rid of things!

3. I can spend hours listening to the Country station on Music Choice and crocheting. In fact I did that when Matt was in Fort Pickett!

4. I'm obsessed with my cats (hey, they didn't have to be UNKNOWN facts...). They're so sweet and know just what to do to make me smile.

5. I don't know what my hair color is. It used to be sort of blonde, sort of brown. Now it's leaning more towards just light brown. I want my natural blonde highlights back!

6. My husband completes me. That is all.

7. I finally have stopped the awful habit of biting and picking my nails off! It's wonderful, but weird to have to use nail clippers. :-p

8. I'm SO excited for Christmas tomorrow!!!!

9. I can't wait for Jenn to be here for six weeks. I'm ready for some much needed Jenn and wine time :)

10. I want a job. And soon. I'm getting bored.

11. I love all the friends I've made in the past six months. So far this USMC lifestyle has been a wonderful whirlwind!

12. I have a strange phobia over seizures. I don't get them, but I'm terrified that I'll randomly have one or that someone will have one on or near me (yes, both of those concerning other people HAVE happened in the past).

13. My favorite colors are brown, green, and blue. Guess it's the hippie in me!

14. I love getting presents for people more than receiving them.

15. I'm a wino. As you can see from the picture :-p

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