Thursday, December 30, 2010

My year in pictures

Sort of break from the long 30 pic list, but here is a picture for every month of this past year!

The day we got married :) January
Our first Valentine's Day! February
Matt's bday! (around) March
Partying Easter weekend with the sis and cousins :) April
Wine tour at Adams County Winery! May
Corinne got married :) June
I moved to NC to be with the hubs! Our house! July
I got to visit Oliver (and Dot and Dave and Julia)! August
Freedom walk with CW . Still thinking of you Chrissy ♥ September
Officially obsessed with Scentsy. October
Officers' Ball! November
Matty gets 1st Lieutenant :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Scott and I do graphics and social media marketing for Adams County Winery. I came across your picture and wondered if we could have permission to use it for our website, facebook, marketing, etc. It's a great picture!

You can email me at Thanks!