Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why so emotional???

And luckily, MOST of it is good emotions. We'll start with the one bad thing.

So Hubby has been SUPER stressed the last couple of days before he went into the field, and since I couldn't solve it, it made me insecure that it was me, and then the one text I get in the field from him yesterday was, "Fun fact. The Leonnon's across the street are old friends from A&M." And that's it. No "I love you and miss you." Nothing. And I should be grateful for a text anyway, but I'm like, "HELLOOOOOO, I'm freaking out wondering what's wrong and if it really is me and I only get that?!?!!" Thank you, once again, Douchebag, for ruining my self esteem.

And end the bad emotion!

The good.

My cat is amazing. I'm scared she's getting fat, but seeing her play for legit an hour with her mouse until she lost it under the couch for the umpteenth time and I wouldn't get it for her makes me think she's active enough for her eating habits. And she's asleep in the window and it makes me smile every time I wake up and feel her weight against my legs. I never had a cat before that slept at night with me too much (although I think Izzy did when I was home in NH), so it makes me happy that she loves me so much she will!

I love my family. And I miss them. It was SO good to see some extended family yesterday down at Holden Beach. Not only that, but their friends from college and all the kids (seven total, all under thee age of 8) all made me feel so welcome and not like a stranger at all! I hope I can get to NYC to visit them at some point, and at the very least, I told them I'm going to be the depressed, lonely, husband deployed wife and visit them again next summer (which their daughter, Julia, is already talking about!)
I miss my immediate family too. I'm SOOOOO freaking excited to visit next week! Malorie is giving me a ride to and from the airport (yet another thing I'm awfully happy about, but we'll get to that next) and I'll get to meet my new nephew, Sam, see my parents new place, get a chicken finger sub with very little sauce and extra extra cheese from Supreme's or Romeo's, and try a new type of jello cake!!! I miss them lots, and I hope maybe I'll get to see the other sis too??? Either way, I'm so happy I was able to afford the round trip flight to see them before Christmas!

I love the USMC. Haha well sort of. They piss me off almost non-stop with changes in whatnot (a Marine's wife's motto is "Semper Gumby", meaning "Alway flexible", but at the same time, I have met SO many amazing women in the process already.
Caroline (hehe ANOTHER shoutout!) and Rachael in DC, Mal+Holly+Andrea+Amber+Audrey(soon!)+Tressa+Melissa+Colleen+Jade+Tammy+Tonya+
Maggie+Michelle+Karin+ more and more! Everyone is so friendly and understanding to anything, and everyone just seems to be so genuinely nice, it's awesome. It just makes me smile and tear up, thinking that there are people close should I really need them. And that just like she can do with me, I can text some and be like, "I need to hang out with someone. Commissary trip?" And boom, we're off to find something to cook or just a place to chat! I love it!

And last but not least, I love that I'm loving cooking more. I'm getting more excited to cook new things, try new things, and make things for the hubby. I'm embracing the housewifeness til I can find a job that isn't retail (although I'd do retail once he's deployed for sure) to it's fullest, and I absolutey love getting excited to put something delicious onto the table at night for a tired Lt!

Ok not last. I love Hubby. So freaking much. I randomly smile when I think of how happy I am to have found him. He has habits that make me scream and sigh and stomp, but one look into his deep grey/green/blue/dependsonetheday eyes, and I melt. And he knows a hug can make everything better. :) He knows just what I need almost every time, and goes out of his way (when the USMC allows it, of course) to fix anything or make me smile. And he thinks I'm cute constantly, which is nice too :)

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