Monday, August 30, 2010


Well... here it is... the quarter century. The age I used to think was SUPER old when I was like 7. And now I'm it. 25 years old. ACK!!!!

Maybe this is why you're supposed to have things to do on your birthday. To distract you from the fact that another year has some and gone. But WOW, what an AMAZING year!!! (well, the last 11 months of it :-p) Here's a synopsis of events at 24 years old:

Aug 30th: Jacki visited and we had a FABULOUS time!!!
Sept 21st: My time with Douchebag ended. Thank GOD! Miserable couple of days, but so glad to get him out of my life.
Oct 2nd: I walked into the back bar at Nick's Nightclub and Matt stood up to give his seat to Ali. We started talking... then dancing.. then kissing, then I got a ride home from him :)
Oct 3rd: Watched my first Aggie football game. In a bar full of Aggies. And I STILL decided this guy was awesome!!! We spent the night together, him still in jeans because he of COURSE decide to not wear underwear that night (good job, baby!).
Oct 4th: We said our goodbyes, texted and talked while he got stop at Walmart for the field. Then spent the week with zero contact.
Oct 9th: Get the call, he's back from the field, hasn't forgotten about me, and said he thought of me while watching the stars on watch :)
Oct 11th: He was in NYC with Glen the whole weekend, and even though he got in around midnight, he drove up to spend the night with me! The "night" was three hours, mind you.
Oct 14th: We had the DTR and ex-talk... what a night! That was a "Em needs to control her drinking wine on an empty stomach" night. Buuut I remember the talks!!! Just nothing else!
Oct 16th: After me dealing with seeing hoards of douchey AXP brothers right when we first get in, Matt and I go facebook official :-p
Sometime in November: He proposed, while he was kneeling next to me, and we were watching something on my computer.
Jan 31st: We got married, the small ceremony. Big ceremony to come probably December 2011 or January 2012!
Jul 3rd: I finally moved down here, to begin spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man ever!

So yes, it's been a Matt-filled year, and I couldn't be more happy about it! He has made the last year of the first quarter century of my life absolutely amazing :)

So here's to hoping the years to come are just as amazing!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! And congrats on having such an awesome year.