Monday, March 22, 2010

Body Awareness

I was telling my roommate about how my left foot tends to cramp super easily around the arch, and how I don't like to run because my knee caps don't fit right into place, and he just looks at me confused and goes, "How the hell do you even remember that stuff? If I'm sore I stretch and take care of it, and don't remember it an hour later."

So how DO I remember these things? I find that I am aware of pain, discomfort, and even good feelings more than other people sometimes. I can tell you exactly where on my body something hurts (like one of the tendons it feels like on the right side of my calf/shin area on my right leg. Totally walked on THAT one wrong I guess), and I'm great at recognizing symptoms and whatnot.

I've been accused in the past of being a hypochondriac (the brilliant ex thought that because my back would hurt or I'd get sore from exercising that that made me a hypochondriac too. Go figure. He's not the brightest tool in the box for sure.) But I don't go to the doctor's all that often. Sometimes I'll email my doc and say, "Hey, I have this symptom/feeling, is it nothing or something I should get checked out?" and that's that, nothing else. Yet when I had to go to the ER for what I thought was a reaction from a Staph infection (although the doc didn't believe me that it was Staph and not MRSA either, which I knew both were the case because of where I got it) in my toe, it turned out it was an allergic reaction to the Sulfa meds they gave me. Even though I told her it wasn't MRSA. AND that I was developing an allergy to Sulfa. Supposedly because I didn't have a rash beforehand last time I took it though, then I CLEARLY was an idiot patient, had no idea what I was talking about, and going from being able to take it on an empty stomach to it not mattering how much food was in my stomach before I got sick with it, was JUST a side effect, not an allergy developing. I wanted to smack her when I had to go to Urgent Care for the HIVES I got all over my body that time!

So now my Sulfa allergy is on my medical record. Great. But why couldn't they just believe me? I do realize there are hypochondriacs out there and such, but I wasn't asking for something to fix something, I was simply saying "anything but Sulfa, I'm developing an allergy," and I still wasn't believed! 

So does this great awareness that I have with my body actually constitute a good sense? Or would I be better off simply feeling less and understanding less about it? Will I always have to have something really bad happen to me or have a reaction to something for someone to believe me?

Just some thoughts on this rainy day. :) Praying the week goes quickly, I cannot WAIT to see my Matty on Saturday!!!!!!

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