Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes it just sucks

I know I'll get through it. I have amazing friends, awesome freaking inlaws, and my own stubborn streak that'll get me through anything!!! This deployment WILL end. In less than a month, it'll be halfway over.

But you know what sucks?

Moments like right now. Where I can scarcely breathe. Where it feels as though my LUNGS miss Matt, and don't want to work without his gentle touch. I will survive. I am breathing. And I'm not crying, either. I'm continuing to count my blessings and thank God every single day for the permanent and fleeting gifts that I have seen and encountered.

But man, I wish time would go by quickly DURING it. Yes, it's wonderful that when I can look back on it, I'll go, "Oh my! It seems so long as the time but it really flew!!!" Yea. Not so much right now!!!

I miss you, Matty. You're my Duders, my lurver, my everything ♥

PS. I got inked last night :)

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