Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.


With a goofy face. Per usual :)

My day was wonderful! I got to help my friend take two of her three triplets to the docs, since one has a cough. We got coffee beforehand and ordered pizza for lunch. And I LOVE any time I get to hang with those babes. They're kind of the cutest triplets out there, in my opinion. :)
Hanging with friend H is awesome, too, with or without the cuties! We watch movies, tv, talk about past, present, and future, silly and serious, etc.! Glad I met her and have her for a friend and a deployment buddy. I told her I'm going to steal her kids for snuggles when I miss Matt!

No pics with her yet, minus one from the ball. I told her now that I have the new camera, I'm going to be her free photographer! I want to put a sheet out, have them all matching and just shoot shoot shoot! And all you have to do is pretend sneeze and they're laughing like crazy, so I think they'll be great clients. :)

Now it's just hanging out at home, waiting for the hubs to get off of work, and woot, chicken bacon ranch wraps for dinner! (and potentially having an extra three lts and a wife over... this could get interesting...)

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