Thursday, June 17, 2010


I love it. But hate it. Ugh it's the horrible back and forth constantly.
Here is the good and bad of change going through my head at the moment with moving in a little over two weeks:

- I get to be with my husband FINALLY. I can't wait til the only reason he doesn't fall asleep next to me is because he's in the field, and come May on that horrible D word.
- We're going to adopt a cat to keep me company when he's gone! I've missed having a pet soooooo much!
- I get to play housewife for a bit, and hopefully overcome my fear of cooking bad meals... which doesn't make sense because I'm actually really good at mixing things and how things taste (I make a killer homemade mac n cheese).
- I'll finally be staying somewhere for a bit. It was moving every year in college, 7ish months at my friend's parents' place, two years at an apartment, and since sept 26th at the house I'm at now. AND when we move again we can have the mover's do almost all of it!
- I'll be living in one of the most gorgeous states. I LOOOOOVE NC so much! And did I mention how close the beach is???
- Even though I won't have a job, I also won't be paying rent on a place, paying utilities, dealing with roommates that lose the checks so I wait and wait for hundreds of dollars over a couple months to come out of my checking account...

The bad:
- It's a change. And as much as I love it, I'm anxious about all the "what ifs" that come with moving and settling in.
- We are going to be down to one paycheck for a bit. And yes, we can survive definitely, but it's going to take a bit to figure out our spending budget.
- I'm going to have to drive everywhere. I've gotten so used to walking or metroing places!
- I'm scared for the job search again. I know it's not easy, and I'll be able to take my time getting something I really want (cross your fingers it involves animals!), but the uncertainty is going to kill me.
- The guys are already telling Matt that they should all just hang out at our house after work since we live on base. I won't mind doing it every once in awhile, but no way is our house going to be the 2nd LAR frat house!
- And yea. It's just the change. It's the packing up of boxes and EVERY TIME I close it up I find one freaking item that should have gone in there!

And that's about it. I'm definitely more excited than anything else, but the anxiety parts are coming in little brain freakout moments, it seems! I just can't wait to be down there and get settled. And go furniture shopping. And decorate. And yell at Matt for leaving something open or throwing laundry where it doesn't belong. I'm beyond excited to be with that man. :)


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about change even if it is a fantastic one. It is just so up and down. Good luck with everything!

Agatha Wells said...
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Agatha Wells said...

bah made a typo in my first attempt at commenting so i had to delete it and start over! i like your reflections-i can empathize in a lot of ways. thanks for writing so beautifully and with so much humanity...yayy for having another blog friend!

PLUS congratulations on getting married!!! wow it has been so long since i've seen you. it sounds like everything is going great, and even if there are some challenges, they're all part of the adventure. i'm going to graduate school this fall, and i'm feeling some equal mix of excitement and dread (how will i afford to eat more than ramen?).

stay in touch, blog buddy, and good luck in the new home, new neighborhood, new life! :) <3